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Thermostats Help You Control The Climate Of Your House

So whether you want it nice and brisk or warm and toasty, the right thermostat is out there for you. It controls your air conditioning and heating systems so you can program the highest efficiency settings you’d like.


You’d agree just based on its function that a working thermostat is priceless. Indeed, it controls two of the appliances with the biggest impact on your comfort and quality of life in your household.

A faulty thermostat will lead to decreased heating and cooling efficiency, as well as a rise in your energy bills. This is why we recommend yearly maintenance, repair, or replacement services. These services keep your AC, heater, or furnace working at its fullest potential.

Digital Thermostat Installation, Repair & Replacement

We understand that each customer has varying essential needs. So we’re not surprised that many of clients (perhaps you too) have researched which thermostat suits them. You probably also know exactly how you prefer the climate in your home.

Are you currently contemplating switching thermostats because your current one just isn’t the right fit for you? Or do you have an older thermostat and would like an upgrade?

Nowadays, we all want to be a little more energy efficient and maybe save some money too. An upgrade may be in order then. The latest models of thermostats in today’s industry focus on saving energy and money.

If you’re concerned about the stress of replacing an old thermostat, don’t be. Believe it or not, switching thermostats is surprisingly simple.

Proper installation of your digital thermostat is extremely important for the performance of your heating and cooling system. If not properly installed, your energy bills could skyrocket. It won’t matter how high-end or your HVAC system is if it is not paired with a capable thermostat and proper installation.

Need a new digital thermostat installed or an old one replaced, call us. With Eco Plumbing Heating & Air thermostat installation services, you can rest assured that your home will have reliable warmth and cooling year-round.

Tips on Using Your Digital Thermostat Properly

No appliance lasts forever. However, a major way to ensure yours last as long as they should is using them properly. Using your digital thermostat properly will also save energy and save you big bucks in the long run.

The following tips will help your thermostat run efficiently.

  • Keep the temperature set on an energy efficient level. Your thermostat will usually tell you what energy efficient settings it has. Keep your thermostat set at this level for long periods. Leaving it on this setting while you’re at work or gone for the day is the easiest way to keep your thermostat running efficiently.

  • All thermostats let you temporarily change the temperature without changing your programmed settings. However, constantly changing this temperature can cause your energy bills to rise because it puts more stress on your system.

  • Thermostats usually have two different features that often require you to hold a certain button down to activate. The first setting is for temporary use and the second is meant for permanent or away. The “away” setting is best for when you’re on vacation or away from home for extended periods. Set this at a constant efficient temperature. For example, do several degrees hotter in the summer and several degrees cooler in the winter. This will improve your energy savings.

  • Turning your thermostat extremely high or low will not heat or cool your home any faster. Most thermostats start to slow down once the temperature is close to the point you’ve manually set.

  • If you have a larger home, then you may need more than one thermostat. Having multiple thermostats for each heating and cooling zone will maximize your energy savings throughout your entire house.

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