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Let's face it, we rarely give much thought to our home's air conditioning system.

Even less often do we think about the ductwork that pulls it all together. Ductwork may be the most overlooked aspect out of the entire HVAC system. It works to circulate the airflow from your heating or cooling system throughout your entire home. This distributes the air from around the house into the heater/air conditioner. Then the air is heated or cooled and pushed back through ducts throughout your home.


Both air intake and output are critical to smooth-operating ductwork. These two processes are also vital for heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Without properly working return vents, the balance of your heating and cooling systems would be off. Plus, your home’s efficiency and climate control would suffer.

Hot spots, cool spots and high energy bills can all be because of ducts that aren’t working at their fullest potential. We all know how devastating high energy bills can be. So you should always think about the hidden essential aspects of your heating and cooling systems.

Common Problems with Ductwork

Your air conditioning and heating systems suffer when there are ductwork issues. So, it is helpful to know what potential issues can arise with your ductwork. Here are some common issues with ductwork.

Improperly Designed Duct System

If a system isn’t designed properly for air to disperse correctly throughout the home, then energy efficiency plummets. Ultimately, poor duct system installations can impact the airflow to heat and cool your house.

Loose Registers

If your registers aren’t sealed correctly with the duct connections, air can escape before it reaches the intended locations. This forces the heating and cooling system to work harder than it needs to. It essentially struggles to make up for the air lost through the leaking seals.

Leaking Ducts

Leaks in the system equals substantial air loss. Worse still, leaks may also allow outside pollution to work its way into your ductwork and impact your indoor air quality.

Poor Insulation

Ductwork requires appropriate insulation to keep conditioned air within the system. Insulation also supports proper air distribution. Therefore, ducts without adequate insulation allow for loss of conditioned air outside of the ducts. So, properly insulating your ducts will improve the working condition of your overall system.

Dirty Air Ducts

It can turn into a potential hazard if your air ducts are dirty. Dirty air ducts can affect the overall air quality of your home making your home stuffy. It can even make it difficult to breathe, which is hard on people with allergies.

What’s more, if your ducts are extremely dirty, they can get so clogged they become a carbon monoxide poisoning risk. Overall, this can significantly lower the quality of your indoor air.

Call Us for Expert Ductwork Care

It’s crucial to have your ductwork installed properly by an expert. Our licensed technicians are highly skilled in duct work. They will provide excellent service and quality care. So don’t hesitate — forget about cleaning your ducts yourself! Call us today!

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